Jason Michael


The Jason Michael Story


Born in England but raised in Texas, Jason Michael has been a performer since the age of fifteen when his first band played at a roller skating rink in the Dallas suburbs.  In 1989, Jason was only seventeen when he left Texas to tour with his newly formed band called Aristaya.  Jason and other band members formed Ice Cold July and they played roughly 300 shows a year in cities throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.  Ice Cold July built a large and loyal fan base one show at a time and eventually earned a record deal with Relativity Records.  In 1994, the band recorded an album at Willie Nelson's legendary Pedernales Recording Studio in Spicewood, Texas.

When the popularity of traditional rock music faded in the mid-1990s, Jason began to explore new genres of music.  He developed a unique singing and songwriting style that combined his rock roots with his love of folk, rhythm and blues.  In 1996, Jason teamed up with a new group of musicians to form the Roadside Poets.  Known to fans as "Roadside," they performed regularly in venues all over Texas.  In 1997, the Roadside Poets were invited to record an album in Seattle with Rick Parasher, the producer of the albums that brought fame to Pearl Jam, Blind Melon, and Temple of the Dog.


Seeking new opportunities, Jason made the move to Los Angeles in 1998 and formed a new band called Jones.  The band developed an old-R&B-meets-new-funk sound that was fiercely original and irresistibly energetic.  Very quickly, Jones won over the fickle L.A. music scene and transformed the band's initial underground popularity into critical and commercial success.

In 2000, the Democratic National Convention was hosted by the City of Los Angeles and Jones was selected by the mayor's office to play in downtown on opening day.  The following year, Jones played thirty dates on the 2001 Vans Warped Tour.  Jones went on to perform with such acts as Maroon 5, Johnny Lang, Jeff Healey, Common Sense, Tina Marie, The Fixx and Uncle Cracker.  While in L.A., Jason was also hired to record the Emmy-winning theme song for Clifford the Big Red Dog, a children's cartoon series that originally aired on PBS from 2000 to 2003. 

Jason played to West Coast audiences until 2003, when he returned to Dallas to find his musical roots and begin a new chapter in his career.  Today, Jason continues to be a prolific songwriter who is known for engaging audiences with his powerful voice and making deeply intimate connections with others through his music.  While he describes most of his own music as Americana, Jason credits a wide range of musical influences.  He is well-respected in the Texas music community and he frequently performs solo and with a variety of talented musicians.  His experience with Clifford the Big Red Dog also inspired him to become a writer and performer of children's music.


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